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Backstory and Mission Empty Backstory and Mission

Post by Jak'ku on Wed Mar 02, 2016 3:29 pm

The original Hierarchy was formed by the Republic and Jedi Order after an increase of rumored Sith attacks on Republic controlled planets/territories. The task force was the product of the Hierarchy in Ruin project. The project was originally designed to assist in rebuilding the Republic through war relief, but it's true purpose was to gather intelligence on the Sith Empire. However, the project proved to be a failure due to a commander within the guild turning to the Dark Side and multiple infiltrations by the Sith. Although officially closed, it was actually restructured and redeployed under new commanders and with a new mission. With no official backing from the Republic and operating strictly by the orders of it's leaders, The Insurgency began to provide military support to planets resisting the tyrannical rule of the Sith, assassinating leading Sith Military leaders, and smuggling refugees out of Sith controlled worlds. Due to the insurgent like activities refugees, soldiers, and civilians alike began to refer to them as the Insurgency. The name stuck.

The Republic denies our existence, the Sith fear our name. We are the Insurgency.
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