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Post by Jak'ku on Tue Mar 08, 2016 11:21 pm

I've used the below explanation to help many a new roleplayer learn the ins and outs of proper RP. It is highly recommended that you read this rather you are an old veteran to RP or a brand new player.

Rules of the Roleplay

T1 Roleplay:

Lets start with the basics to begin with, there are a lot of things one must know when he/she wants to become a serious roleplayer. The first thing I like to discuss is your character, the avi you are using in roleplay.


The character... first of all it is important to pick a race and research it before you choose to let your character become one, there are many different races to play, for example: Human, Cyborg, Pureblood Sith, or Miraluka It is very important to abide by these rules and follow them in the roleplay. Each character is born or created with a specific ability, example: Miraluka's can sense force alignment due to their natural ties with the force or Cyborgs often have cybernetics that can hold memory, data, or can scan people, just to name two examples.

IC and OOC:

IC = In character OOC = Out of character, it is important to know the difference between the two, ooc is used between brackets like (Hey) or [Hello]. Even, and this is important, if the character is rude IC it does not mean that the player is rude OOC, there is a big difference between player and character, do NOT mix the two for it will only lead to the fall of the roleplay and will take all the fun away. There will always be good guys and bad guys in roleplay but it is good to know that characters can hate each other ic but have a good laugh with each other ooc.


Godmodding, is a major taboo in roleplay. Godmodding is when a character cannot be killed or is brought back from the dead, this is not true for there always is a way to kill someone, even if you play a God you can still be killed. If your character dies he/she cannot be returned, not by any reason or explanation, it isn't legit. Please keep that in mind for it makes good roleplay. Powerplaying is also a form of godmodding, letting your character do everything and anything while it's not possible due to restrictions of a character and its abilities.


Meta-gaming is a second taboo in role-play, it is using ooc information into ic, for example: (Player 1 tells Player 2 that his character will jump tomorrow ooc) and Player 2 tells Player 3 ic: "My Queen, he will jump tomorrow". This may be a real stupid example but you get the gist of it. Another form of meta-gaming is when characters interact and say that they know all about them while they haven't even met, it destroys the role-play and will cause a lot of arguing. Example: Character A dies due to Character B, Player 1 who created Character A makes Character C and goes after Character B, aka a situation that is not possible since Character B and C haven't met at all and therefor don't know about each other. A final form of meta-gaming is greeting someone before he or she has made an entrance post but I will get back on that later.


The final taboo is role-play, Power-playing is letting your character do the impossible or have so much power that it is unreal. It is true that some races have a lot of different powers like a Necromancer for example, that race can control almost every element but it's powers weaken by each element. If you use all of them at 100% or can create a tornado as big as the size of Texas within the blink of an eye you are power-playing, aka not valid and not legit. Every race is bounded to certain limits, such as a max of three elements and a mix of two different species. Some species cannot be mixed, such as Light Beings and Darkness beings, they can turn however, example: An Angel becoming a Fallen Angel, going from Light to Darkness, but there must be certain rules followed to make this happen ic. Please limit your character and don't make him/her too overpowered.

T1 Paragraph Posting:

The words you type in the chat room is made a post, paragraph posts are preferred other than one liners, however you will NOT be judged but a lot of role-players rather have that you 'para-post'. Why ? Because it then shows that you put a lot of effort into your posts, and therefore the other person will also put more effort in it. By doing so it is way more entertaining for each other and it shows your skill as a role-player. Keep in mind that you are not asked to make a post of 10 paragraphs or anything, A full post (one para) is well enough to begin with, though others tend to do more... if you continue your post make sure you put a (c) behind your post so the other players knows you are not done yet, when you finish your post place and (e) behind it. A way to make a para post is to detail your posts. Instead of saying -Poke- you can make a post like: -Player 1 sneaks up near Player 2, his feet silently walking over the stone tiles of the floor, hoping that she didn't notice him. Upon approaching her he attempts to poke her softly in the side.- It's important to always 'attempt' other than actually do it, cause if you do not give the other player a chance to respond/dodge etc, it is called 'Forced Hitting', I will explain that in the Combat topic further down below. Also please do not greet someone before he or she enters the room -winks-

I think this will cover most of the basics about T1 role-play, once again if there are any questions I will gladly answer them to the best of my abilities. And upon request I can add more info later on. It is time to explain the aspects of T1 combat, in there I will explain everything what a T1 fighter must know.


Every element has a different 'add-on' call it an added effect status, if you want to know what yours is come seek me out and I will explain it to you.

Keep in mind that the more elements you use the weaker they will become, if a pyre uses too many big attacks he will use more and more of the combustible gases in the air causing the attacks to become less intense to the point that even his biggest attacks will do the same amount of damage as a small one. This goes for any element using elements. On the other hand the element will be able to recharge giving the attacks their original luster.

Forced Hits:

Forced hitting is taboo in T1 Combat. A forced hit is when you say you actually hit a player without letting the other reply to it, for example: -Draws his sword and chops his head off- , this is impossible for the other player always has the right to respond to it, what you can do is this: -Draws his sword and attempts to chop his head off- See the difference ? Always make an 'attempt' or use the word 'try'. However in certain situations a player must take damage for the attack that had been either prepared or planned cannot be avoided, even so use an attempt and let the other one reply to it, this is where fair play comes into play, be a good sportsman and know when to deal and take damage.

Different types of attacks:

There are three types of attacks,Supernatural Physical, and Mental. It's good to know the differences between the three of them, a physical attack is for example an attack with your weapon of bare fists in hand to hand combat.A supernatural attack is one that uses some form of magic like a necromancer bringing a soldier back from the dead. Finally a mental attack is like a racial trait from a character, for example: A race that is capable of using mental attacks can control Pyrokinesis through telekinesis.
Other than that the racial traits can be divided within these three, each trait various and therefor cannot be categorized in one of the three different types of attacks.

Weather and Ground advantage:

Weather and ground advantage, for the most experienced players. The first player to make a post about the weather will gain weather advantage for this is completely legit. Make sure that you make good agreements before starting a fight so there will be no mis-communications and this saves a lot of ooc chatter.

Well I hope that I have explained everything and that this will help all of us out to improve ourselves even more, please read so my work wasn't for nothing XD

Credit to LegendaryGuardian for compiling this for me
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