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A Surgeon Possessed

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A Surgeon Possessed

Post by Jak'ku on Tue Mar 22, 2016 11:26 pm

After finishing a cybernetic surgery on Jak'ku, Quim'va, a Jedi with The Gray Alliance, begins to go rogue. After attacking several members, Zynéll requests that Jak'ku and some of his Insurgent members join him on TGA's headquarters on Yavin to defend it.
    Jak'ku is joined by Kiroma, Zip'sino, Krefen, and Vivin. They reported to Yavin and were quickly attacked by the rogue Jedi. During the assault, with the help of TGA, they pushed her away from the temple and outside into the courtyard. Here, with the Insurgent's standing guard at the temple door, Zynéll weakened Quim'va enough for the evil spirit to be expelled from her. However the victory was cut short as Zynéll had a vision of a droid attacking Yavin. Zynéll and Jak'ku agree to form an alliance between the two guilds to deal with the oncoming threat.

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